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HP Envy 14 Review : Pros and Cons

This HP envy 14 review is from : 14-3010NR Spectre 14 inch ultrabook (Intel Core i5 2467M, 1.6 GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel GMA 3000, Windows 7 Home Premium)

To.. half-eaten apple in terms of ultra-powerful notebook design.
After I had the last 2 years a MacBook Pro, I was converted to HP’s new Envy 14 throw again and am now almost 3 months since the proud owner of Envy Spectre. Envy (envy) was namely also with me when I was in a lecture this stylish goodies with me perceived, and I realized that I am design of my apple really did not like more and also went down into the mass of many other MacBook in the classroom.

HP Spectre 14 front

Another and for me very important migration reason was the apple-dependencies that Apple is approaching breeding with various idiosyncratic connections and one way or another wayward Apple software (ultimately, the operating system itself).

Technically, however, is the apple band not to beat fast? If technical and design technically anyone can hold a candle to Apple, then in my opinion anyway and the HP is in this case succeeded excellently. I find that HP has Apple in terms of design with this extravagant ultra Book even exceeded considerably. Particularly noteworthy is that the HP envy 14 is traded through its slimness and light weight as an ultrabook, however, technical and performance of the equipment – except for the lack of optical drive – a normal, full-fledged notebook. This also justifies the price of $1,298. However, I have my baby not from Amazon (but only because it was just not available).

Pros and Cons of HP Envy 14 Spectre


+ Design: a true status symbol
+ A flawless: everything closes exactly and goes perfectly into each other, was flawless even with my MacBook
+ Extremely thin (not as thin as a MacBook Air, so thin, but in my opinion is no longer necessary and in addition, for the Air by far not keep up with the envy 14 Spectre.
+ Extremely stable (thanks to 3x gorilla glass and aluminum)
+ Display: the madness (also 14 “screen at 13.3″ housing, 1600×900 resolution, the MacBook: 1280×800)!
+ Feel: high quality and comfortable
+ Keyboard is very good (with brilliant backlight; proximity sensor)
+ Power: very, very good! (But also the current MacBook is not bad)
+ HD-Cam (makes even under adverse lighting conditions, great shots)
+ Battery life (have given HP 9h surpassed even by half an hour – of course, open only in Word and ideal Power Save Settings)
+ Sound System: not a notebook with such a mad sound heard (also great! HP wireless audio)
+ USB 3.0
+ Battery access and accessibility in general (not the MacBook)
+ Image pad on and off
+ Pleasantly quiet notebook (up front: I’m 28 and not even hearing-impaired, here is yet maintains Apple unbeaten)
+ As well as the MacBook logo lighting, provided protective cover


- 128GB are just not the world, but just an SSD-FP; use But anyway at home if needed External
- No optical drive, but you cannot criticize because of the fact that it is an ultra
- In the multi-touch gesture control, I am but then Apple’s used
- Gorilla glass is immune to scratches and dents, keeps fingerprints it but unfortunately not quite got :)
- Only two USB ports


If a real premium design notebook investigated, in addition to an eye-catcher even technically a Premium Book is, however, do not bite the bullet will, with this notebook has found just the right (and sometimes the only) alternative.

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