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Why decided to buy samsung series 5

This Samsung series 5 ultrabook can’t be beat compared to other ultrabooks to more than 1,000 dollar. Before the violent opinions are given, I would like to explain it below.

+ The PROCESS is OK, not everything completely in aluminum and magnesium, yet is strong and very handy. Above all, the lid makes connections compared to the Acer S3-951 a huge positive difference. The keyboard I would still rate as well. There is no light there, it was only a rumor in the run.

+ + + The DISPLAY must have seen this one. In business it’s not that I noticed, but at home and in bright light, it is unbeatable! It is provided with a wonderful matte finish and has a blaze of color contrast with the more one knows of a good and expensive Sony displays. Again, I must shake my head in comparison to Acer S3-951 or the 1,000 dollars more expensive devices with mirror display.

+ Volume: It runs a fan, but the surfing and office use absolutely unremarkable. During heavy use, such as video editing and game ANNO as the fan is active, but fortunately not as high frequency and therefore a little annoying. Here again I can only compare with the Acer S3-951. This unit was already noticeable at idle.

+ + + CONNECTIONS: Finally a book with the Ultra all I can operate as usual. I have 3 USB ports, HDMI, and if a normal file, you can still plug in an old VGA monitor or projector. This charge is already an adapter. So please review the VGA port for lack of perspective. Why are the other devices, there are only so few USB sockets I would like to get an explanation from Acer or Lenovo.

+ At the bottom there is a cover with a screw and is labeled HD and memory. I will soon upgrade the unit to 8 GB of main memory.

- I can find after a short time even a little negative, but there is always something to improve. When the SD card reader stand out in half.
The power button, there is no backlighting. This was with other Samsung devices always illuminated with a blue and I liked it. Seems to have been with regard to cost savings. So you can live easily.

- The power supply is like a small device with a 11.6-inch E450 processor from AMD, a very small diameters. For that I must buy a new universal power supply, have no such a small adapter. For travelers or users with two apartments, a standard connection would be better.

+ + + Now I remember something very positive and notable one, the TouchPad. It is huge and extremely functional. As described in another review, it clearly stands out from other devices. Multi-finger gestures work very well. There are also two real mouse buttons the front, so you must not press down the whole touchpad. Unfortunately, again an impossibility at Acer S3-951.

== I will now use the next week while the mobile device, processing and photo and video material. For battery operation allow me therefore not be discussed.

My expectations, Samsung ultrabook to use as a real desktop replacement notebook and light, seem here to hopefully come true. I would recommend using this short description of other users with similar ambitions, the correct device. It is unfortunately also a lot more money to spend on such inferior display.


I have now expanded the Samsung series 5 memory of 4 GB to 8 GB. The memory index increases from 5.9 to 7.3 in Windows Experience Index.
Must solve this at the bottom of a screw. The lid can be removed but not so readily secured by hooks still raise a lot of sense, therefore, with piecemeal, possibly including more lay with an old credit card. It is a memory slot available for free. The internal memory of 4 GB set seems to be on the board.

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